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This might sound pretentious but I am living proof It’s easier than ever for casual punters like us to make a profit week in week out and have some fun without a lot of effort.

You’ll see how easily it can be done at the end of this letter because I’m doing it.

But before we go any further I want you to forget everything you know about conventional Horse race betting.


The Game Has Changed...

There was a time in betting when information was eagerly awaited. Id often get word in advance or the night before that a certain yard was about to unleash a horse with wings the next day.

GREAT! I’d be on it, burning the midnight oil figuring out what other bets I could string together that day to make a killing. I’d already be spending the money in advance (in my head): a holiday, a new car, the garage conversion.

I’d be wide awake at the crack of dawn and the first person at the paper shop as the shutters rattle and id see it…priced in the betting forecast at 8/1 “that’ll do me!!” even if a few more people got wise to it, it would still open up on course at 10/3 at worst.

Nowadays I switch on the internet or open the paper with numbed resignation. The Course correspondent naps it as do time form racing post and the rest. Everyone seems to know what I know and it’s forecast price is a measly 11/10, even worse at SP.

Weather it wins or loses now is irrelevant as there’s nothing to be made.

It’s a shame but most people bet like this on a daily basis and end up with crumbs…

YOU don’t have to be one of them!

Betting doesn’t have to be a daily grind and you don’t have to treat it like another 9to5 if you want to make money from it.

You don’t have to stick to a demanding betting schedule with a boring staking plan that only allows for a small profit at the end of the month (if you’re lucky)

Here’s exactly what I do, and you can copy it down to a tee

My Names Terry

By day I work as a senior insurance underwriter. It’s rewarding, it pays well and I’d never even consider quitting.

Aside from my 1960 sonic blue Stratocaster, my ever increasing collection of 7inch vinyl & my dogs I enjoy sports (particularly horse racing)

I’m able make a fair amount of cash with around 3 to 7 bets each week or weekend,

This translates to free bets for weeks on end for me or in some cases a quick down payment on a weekend getaway with my better half [depending on how I’m feeling]

Typical Example Of A Winning Week!

Week Commencing 26th February 2018

Withdrawal Of The Profits (£1,355 - £250)

How I do it is pretty simple really…

I believe you should let the race pick you, not pick the race.

What do I mean by that?

Well… when I look through the race card on any given day, I’m not just looking for a winner I’m looking to spot where the bookmaker has priced something incorrectly.

This doesn’t happen everyday!

Contrary to what you might believe, the bookmakers aren’t stupid…far from it!!

Betfair for example employ HUNDREDS of incredibly savvy individuals and betting experts to create and maintain statistical models to make sure that this never happens.

But nothings perfect and when they do miscalculate I’m able to spot the opportunity

And when I do spot an opportunity that warrants closer inspection I’ll spend the rest of the time planning and preparing

I use what I know (and sometimes who I know) to work out what the right price of the selection should be. Once that’s done I can then compare it to the prices on offer.

If it’s undervalued in the market I’ll decide on the most suitable type of bet that’s going to enable me to get the most profit out of it.

I email YOU the early information the night before the races or from 7am on betting day, which means you can benefit from securing the best odds upfront.

Selections can be of any bet type (win, EW acca’s lays etc) but the majority are Back to WIN

What Do My Current Clients Think??

"Jesus Terry this is insane!

I’ve made more money in 3 days with you than I have with any other tipster service EVER! and we’ve only bet 7 times over the last couple of weeks.

Fuckin awesome mate honestly!!

I got myself a paypal Access card too like you said, loaded it up with my winnings. I’ve nicknamed it “the treat card”

"Thanks for getting in touch Terry

I’ve been betting for over 20 years and have not been a part of something like this since the mid nineties.

Initially the lack of action was a bit of a concern for me but I have other services in my portfolio that fulfill that particular craving.

The returns on the other hand are astonishing!

Over the last month you’ve averaged 3 bets per week, I’ve walked away with close to 80pts profit to level stakes.

Seems to me that you’ve managed to find your sweet spot, something I’ve never been able to achieve in all my years of betting

The only thing I don’t agree with you on is your total disregard for the betting bank. I don’t think members should be encouraged to withdraw profits with such haste, It goes against everything I’ve been taught.

An overall excellent package though Terry, very impressed so far

I’m looking forward to taking on Cheltenham and the other major festivals with you this year"

"More than happy to recommend your service, just keep the numbers at a level where the profits aren't effected. With the exception of last week all my profits have been directed to my savings account. That E92 beamer M3 I told you about is still up for sale and I NEED to have it!! Keep this up and I could be the owner of my first V8 in a matter of months"

"Another cracking day today but I took it a step further. I put £10 each way on Major assault @ 33/1 and came out victorious, I’m surprised you didn’t catch that one. It was a wide open race to be fair but that trainer/jockey combo was enough to get my attention, I don’t think it would have been thrown in, in the first place if it wasn’t able to recapture some of its old form.

But I digress

Excellent job so far Mr Florence, I find it rather refreshing to be able to converse with someone who enjoys taking on the bookmakers just as much as I do.

Profits haven’t been touched as yet as I’m still deciding what to do with it all.

I await the next bet(s) with bated breath."

"I got your email but didn’t get the bet on in time so I missed out on that 10/1.


Then we lost a bet….

But I managed to get 6/1 from Zabeel Star so I’m up at the moment

Hope there’s more like this to come."

"Terry why have you reopened your service??

Word of advice: This service works as well as it does not just because of your skill set but because we're able to get those decent early prices so please don’t get greedy!

You’re making us all great money Terry don’t ruin it. Do yourself & us current (and loyal) members a favor and keep the numbers limited please and I’ll be more than happy to continue this journey with you.


Why Am I Doing This??

2 reasons [and yes they’re self-serving as you probably expected]

I want to create partnerships that I can benefit from in the future. I hope that after I’ve proven to you and the rest of the circle what I’m capable of I can eventually go into more detail with you about my methods and maybe you or another member will be able to take this to the next level.

Imagine if I had just 5 additional members who could create new methods or had new ideas based on my foundation for me to use too, I'd have created new 5 sources of income without much effort

Not only that it's much more fun winning with other people!

Membership isn’t for everyone though. It is important to understand that this isn’t about just focusing on how many winning tips are provided every month

Quality is better than quantity. I prefer to put all my efforts into 2 or 3 bets each week rather than trying to bet for scraps every day.

That being said I have to limit the number of people that I can work with for the simple fact is I have a day job and don’t have the time to reply to hundreds of email requests and phone calls each day.

I want to keep the circle small so you’re not left waiting around every time you want to talk to me.

Put the brakes on your “slow & boring” betting grind. Join me and from now on we’ll pick our targets, get in get the cash and get out!!

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