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Nancy's back pain was so bad she had to use a wheelchair
by showing her a few simple movements she walked out of my office
I'll show you how to use these same movements to relieve your back pain in 30 minutes right in your own home
Rick Olderman, CPT, MSPT
Hi, I'm Rick Olderman, MSPT, CPT.  

I have helped Nancy and thousands of people like her with much less severe back pain using my 4-step plan to first diagnose and then solve any back pain problem with gentle, easy movements. 

And I did it without drugs, surgery, or painful exercises.

This has never been released to the public before, and this is the only place you'll find this groundbreaking method.  

If you're suffering from back pain, this could be the answer to your prayers. So please pay attention closely, the advice on this page could be life-changing.
But first let me introduce you to Nancy.
Nancy's back pain started 
just like yours did

Nancy's pain started off probably the same way yours did.  It only bothered her on days when she overdid it, when she was moving heavy things or on her feet for long periods.  She thought she could live with it.  

But over time it got worse, until it ached every day. Soon it was affecting her sleep and she couldn't exercise.

She tried 3 different chiropractors. Some sessions made her feel a little better, but the pain always returned within hours. She also tried back stretching routines, pilates, and yoga.  They also seemed to help for a little while, but nothing really had a lasting effect.

Of course she tried painkillers too, but the idea of taking fist fulls pills for the rest of her life scared her and the pills made her stomach upset. She even saw a back surgeon who wanted to try a risky and painful surgical technique that he couldn't guarantee would work.

Then one day as she was unloading the dishwasher a lightning bolt of pain struck her back and radiated down her legs.  It was so painful it brought tears to her eyes.  

Suddenly it was too painful to walk.

Her husband, Dave, had to do everything for her including getting her dressed.  She felt so helpless.

When Dave brought home the wheelchair Nancy cried for hours.  The thought of using a wheelchair for the rest of her life was so awful she couldn't take it.

They had been saving their money for a new RV, but now they were looking at spending thousands of dollars on wheelchair ramps and stair lifts. There was no way they could fulfill their dream of traveling the country if she was confined to a wheelchair.

Nancy was depressed and desperate.

That's When four words 
changed her life forever

At first, Nancy was too embarrassed about her situation to talk to anyone.  But when the choice was either wheelchair or a risky surgery, she started asking her friends for advice. 

That’s when a good friend came to her rescue. This friend had been in excruciating back pain and had tried everything before she found someone who could help her.

Her friend said four little words that proved to be her salvation. 

Those four words: Go see Rick Olderman.
When Nancy's husband Dave pushed her wheelchair into my clinic, I was her last hope before the surgeon's knife.

She told me her story and how this had happened.  I told her about my simple and painless 4 step test that reveals the true cause of all back pain. I could tell she was skeptical, but willing to try anything. Then, I placed my hand on her shoulder, looked her in the eye and said:

“Nancy, I know exactly how to fix this.  This pain will soon be gone.

Her fears seemed to fade a little.  I could tell she was starting to believe.  

i showed nancy what was really
 causing her pain, 
And then we fixed it right then

Then I helped her out of her chair. I had her do my 4 simple tests, which took about 3 minutes.  In a moment I'll tell you more about these 4 tests.  

After the tests I told Nancy exactly what was causing her pain.   Then I had her do a few simple movements. They unlocked her back, hip, and leg muscles very quickly and she immediately started feeling better.  

After about 30 minutes of gentle moving, flexing and stretching using the methods I've developed, I asked her stand up and touch her shoes. She was able to do it pain free for the first time in almost a year.

Then I asked her to walk.

Her eyes widened. She looked at Dave, silently asking him 'Can I do this?'  She walked across the room very slowly. And she did it again. And again. And again. Each time a little faster, each time a little easier. 
This is Nancy today. She happily travels the country with her husband and their dogs in their new RV.  
She hasn't used a wheelchair since the day she came to me.
The smile grew with each lap around the clinic. She finally walked over to me, took my face in her hands, and with tears of joy in her eyes said: 

"Rick you did it!!! I can walk!"

Nancy did the movements I gave her for a few more weeks at home.  I haven't seen her in years, but I call her now and then just to check in.

Last time we talked she was happily living in an RV, traveling around the country, pain free. Nancy has her life back.

Of course not everyone comes to me with such severe back pain.  But I'm able to help them all with my simple system. 

I'll tell you more about that in a moment.

First let's talk about what all of this has to do with you and your back pain...
Does this sound like you?

You're probably thinking 'That's a nice story, but my pain isn't THAT bad.'  But if you think your pain is no big deal, just remember Nancy thought that too - until she was crippled.  

If your back is bothering you, the time to address it is NOW, not years from now when you can barely move.  I've seen it hundreds of times in my clinic.

It probably started for you with a minor back ache.  You chalked it up to growing older. So you took some painkillers.  And over time you have take more and more to feel better.  

Then you probably made an appointment with a chiropractor.  That helped a little but the pain always returned. You wondered if they doctor really knew what he was doing.  

You probably tried a massage, stretching and physical therapy too.  But nothing has helped.  So here you are wondering if you'll just have to live like this forever.

If you've gone down this road and are still in pain, then this program could be the answer to your prayers.

You don't have to live like this.  I can help you relieve this pain you're feeling, and get you back out there playing, exercising, and living pain-free like you did in your youth.  

I'm not surprised nothing has helped you to this point, because in the beginning of my career as physical therapist I couldn't help people much either.

before I discovered this method 
I wasn't getting the results my patients needed

I'm a physical therapist by training, but I haven't practiced traditional physical therapy in over 20 years.  

After studying pain and what causes it for 26 years, I've discovered that 99% of what doctors, other physical therapists, chiropractors, and so-called experts tell us about about back pain is dead wrong. And I found out the hard way - by applying what I had learned to my patients and seeing very little results. 

I tried everything to help my patients, even becoming certified in acupuncture at one point.  But nothing I did seemed to have a lasting effect.

That is until I discovered the real key to relieving chronic pain.  It's a method involving 4 simple tests to diagnose the real cause of back pain, and then doing relaxing routines to relieve the exact problem you're having. More on that in a moment.

But I didn't come to these methods easily.  In fact I didn't discover them until a patient who was suffering from back pain told me she wanted to die.

a suicidal patient changed 
my approach forever

Janice was suffering from severe low-back pain.  She was still young at 34 years old but she was completely miserable. She couldn't sleep or exercise and it was affecting her ability to work.  

I did everything I was taught to do for her but nothing helped.

She called me one day crying.  Her pain was so horrible she talked about suicide.

But I just couldn't help her with anything I was doing.  Then she called back a month later, and my life and career were changed forever. 

She said she was completely pain free. She asked me if I knew about Dr. Thomas Hanna's methods. I had never even heard of him. 

Janice said one 30-minute treatment with Dr. Hanna's methods and she was almost entirely pain free. After a week or two the pain was completely gone. These methods were painless and shockingly easy.

Her story was so compelling I had to dig into this man's work myself.  How could this mysterious method produce such long-lasting results in just 30 minutes?! 

i searched far and wide for this mysterious method

I had to dig through mountains of research to find Dr. Hanna's work. But eventually I tracked down the man himself.  I went to his clinic in Boston to ask him how he was getting such amazing results so quickly.

His philosophy was simple: to heal the body you must first address how the mind uses the body.  This isn't about training your mind to forget the pain or some woo-woo 'mind over matter' thing. 

The mind controls how our muscles move, and it's the muscles - NOT the discs in our spine-  that cause our back pain.  So control the mind > control the muscles > control the pain.  

He revealed to me the 4 simple tests that reveal how the movements that cause us pain.  Keep reading, I'll show you what these tests are...

I took every course I could from him and worked alongside him in his clinic.   It was hundreds of hours of training. I came back and started incorporating those methods into my practice, and the results were shocking. 

With traditional physical therapy, I would help about 23% of my clients. After I discovered this new method I was helping 93% of my clients.  

And while it would take weeks and months to see results before, with these methods my patients would feel better in minutes.

I had found the holy grail of back pain therapies: it was quick, painless, and incredibly effective.

And over the years I've added my own unique methods as I've helped thousands of people. It's truly been a breakthrough in pain relief for so many people suffering from back pain.

And in studying these methods, I discovered why traditional physical therapy, western medicine, chiropractic, and stretching programs don't work.

This is why nothing else has worked for your pain
The reason why nothing else has worked for you is because other practitioners are simply a hammer looking for a nail.  They have one solution, when in reality back pain is caused by wide range of problems:

  •  Chiropractors and orthopedists believe that shifted vertebrae cause back pain. But three recent studies showed the majority of people with herniated and displaced discs have NO pain (3)(4)(5). But doctors still try to put the vertebrae back in place using adjustments and surgery. But how did the discs get displaced?  It's generally tight muscles pulling on the vertebrae.  So until you address the tight muscles the discs will always just become displaced again.
  •  Massage therapists are trained to relax those muscles, but they only relax muscles temporarily. You must address the imbalances and movements that are tightening those muscles, or the muscles will just go back to being tight. My system shows you how to move your body in a way that relaxes your muscles permanently.
  •  Online gurus love to blame one particular muscle, like the hip flexor, for all your pain. People come in my clinic all the time after they've tried their programs without success. Here's the truth: different people have different causes of back pain. Are we really to believe ONE muscle is causing everyone's back pain?

This is the power of the system Dr. Hanna and I created.  It looks at the back and the body in a whole new light.  My 4 simple tests will reveal the true source of your pain and exactly how to solve your exact issue.

You'll first discover what's really causing your pain, and then be given a relaxing, easy routine to relieve it.  It's simple, but incredibly effective.  And you can do it at home.

Now I've put the solution for people with chronic back pain into a program I call The Ultimate Back Pain Solution®.

will the Ultimate Back Pain Solution® work for you as it has for thousands of others?
My therapists now use The Ultimate Back Pain Solution® with every patient at our clinic. My business tripled three years in a row after we started using it and continues to grow every year.  
I have a waiting list just to get in because everyone we help tells their friends about it.  I had to stop advertising years ago.

In fact this method so successful that I conduct seminars to sold-out hotel ballrooms so that I can help hundreds of people at once.

But I’m not bragging, I’m incredibly saddened that other physical therapists and medical professionals don’t use this method.

They’re stuck in the past with outdated techniques that simply don’t work that well.
The Ultimate Back Pain Solution® is so simple I can often help hundreds of people at once.  This back pain seminar was standing room only. 
But this success has had a big downside: I simply cannot help as many people as I'd like.  We're at capacity at my clinic and a waiting list just won't work for people suffering from back pain every day.  

I entertained the idea of starting more clinics to help more people with this breakthrough therapy.  But that would be incredibly expensive and time consuming.  I want to help people NOW.

That's when I realized there had to be a better way to help people like you...
You don't have to come into my clinic to say goodbye to back pain forever
Here's the beauty of my system: you don't have to come to my clinic at all.  When people come into my clinic I rarely ever place my hands on them, other than to shake their hand.

The 4 simple tests I use can be done by anyone, with proper guidance. And the movements to relieve the pain require no special equipment or expertise.  You just have to have someone showing you what to do.

So I've systemized the whole process and put into a book and video form.

Now anyone, anywhere can benefit from The Ultimate Back Pain Solution®.  You just need about 30 minutes, a mirror, and a belief that you can solve your own pain problems in minutes.

You don't have to be trapped in a painful, broken down body any longer.  The solution is here. 

So you're probably wondering: will this work for me?
The Ultimate Back Pain Solution® 
can Erase serious back pain issues in minutes
This simple 2-step process works for all kinds of different back problems:
  •  Sciatica
  •  Bulging & Herniated Discs
  •   Chronic Back Pain
  • General Back Stiffness
You've probably been convinced that many of those problems can only be fixed with months of chiropractic or major surgery.  But thousands of my patients can tell you that this system can fix those problems and get you feeling better in as little as 30 minutes.
These methods:
  •  Are Extremely Gentle
  •  Are Relaxing and Peaceful
  •  Are Almost Effortless  
  •  Can Be Done By Nearly Anyone At Any Age
  •  Don't Require Equipment or Expertise
  •  Can Be Done At Home, Work or While Traveling
here's what the Ultimate Back Pain Solution® can do you for you
After you've gone through this quick and easy program you be able to:
  •  Enjoy your favorite sports again like golf, tennis, cycling and running
  •  Bend over and touch your toes without pain
  •  Play on the floor with your kids and grandkids again without that searing pain in your lower back
  •  Even take up gardening, woodworking, or work on your old cars without worrying about what you’ll feel like for a week afterward
  •  Enjoy less fatigue, depression, and weight gain after regaining the body of your youth
  •  Have a slimmer, trimmer belly as your posture improves
  •  Even lose weight since you can start exercising again
And maybe most importantly you will find your happiness again. I can’t tell you how many people tell me they were depressed after dealing with so much pain for so long. Most were afraid their pain would never go away. 

With this system you can find your zest for life again. You don't deserve to live with chronic pain!  So let’s dive into what this system really is and look at this a little more closely…
Here’s The complete  
Ultimate Back Pain Solution®
part 1 of 
The Ultimate Back Pain Solution®
find out why you are in pain
This is where my system really shines over any other you’ll find online or at a clinic. 

Those other programs pretend that all back pain can be solved by one stretch or working on one particular muscle.  They are just another hammer looking for a nail. But there are many different issues that cause back pain and you have to identify the problem before you can begin to solve it.

You’re going to identify, right in the comfort of your own home, just where your back pain originates. 

It takes about 3 minutes, 180 seconds, to do all of these tests and afterward you'll know exactly why your back hurts.  
  •  The Standing Test:  All this requires is for you to notice how you stand.  It's really that easy.  97% of my clients stand the wrong way. Sounds crazy right?  Thanks to bad habits and even the footwear we choose, standing can be the source of much of your pain. With a simple tweak you can stand in a way that will relieve the mountain of pressure you're putting on your lower back.  
  •  The Laying Test: It's so easy to identify lower back problems that you can do it laying down. This 10-second test will reveal if your lower back is too arched. This lower back arch feels natural but it's not, and often causes sciatica by tightening muscles in the back.  You'll feel a difference instantly, and in the second half of the program I'll show you how to make these changes permanent.  
  •  The Leg Test: Sitting for hours on end often shortens the legs muscles and causes them to move unnaturally.  How your legs move in relation to your hips often produces unnatural strain in your back. I'll show you how to identify this problem, and then give you a simple routine that will have your natural leg alignment back in a few days.  
  •  The Hip Test: Often times we have one hip that is higher than the other, but we never notice it. With a mirror and your hands I'll show you how to measure your hip alignment. In Part 2 I'll will show you easy methods for getting them even within a week so you can get back to doing the things you love.
After helping thousands of people like you over 3 decades in this business, I know one of the biggest frustrations for back pain sufferers is simply not knowing what's really causing the pain.  You've probably gotten conflicting opinions in the past, and nothing has helped.  

Now you'll KNOW what is causing your pain, and that is literally half the battle.

Then comes the best part: we’ll address how to relieve your pain for good.
The Ultimate Back Pain Solution®: 
 Relieving the pain forever
After you see the results of the 4 simple tests, I'll give you specific movements that will relieve your pain quickly.  

Here's a sample of what you'll get:

  •  The simple heel slide that will get you out of bed without pain. If you struggle getting out of bed in the morning this simple movement will have you spring out of bed in no time.
  •  The right way to stretch: Here's a shocker - I treat people all the time who injured themselves doing yoga, pilates, and stretching routines they found online!   Extreme stretching often turns OFF the muscle groups you need to turn ON. I'll show you how gentle movements actually relieve more pain. 
  •  4 simple moves you can do at work to relieve pain instantly:  I have 4 different moves you can do right in a chair that will both strengthen your core and release the muscles causing you pain.  So the next time your back starts to ache after driving or sitting for hours, you won't even need to stand up to relieve the pain. 
  •  The quick and painless way to wake up pain-causing muscles: Most of the exercises we're taught to do at the gym are actually making your pain worse! I'll show you a couple simple ways to 'wake up' those muscle groups.  Doing these easy movements will give your body the support it needs to be active, and relieve the pain you feel when you do your favorite activities. 
  •  Even out your hips by 'reaching into the cabinet':  Uneven hips cause about 37% of the back pain I see in my clinic, and this simple move fixes hips every time! 
  •  The 10-cent taping technique:  This is a must for anyone who's on their feet all day and has an aching back. Now you can stand, walk, run and even jump pain-free with a piece of tape.
  •  How to get back the strong, stable posture of your youth: Our muscles deteriorate over time from too much sitting, and we start walking hunched over, causing back pain.  By engaging the glutes when we walk, we can turn the muscles in your backside back on in a few moments.  
  •  Ease back pain in minutes with a wall: One thing you won't find in my clinic? Expensive stretching and strengthening equipment.  You can use chairs, tables, and even walls to release the tension in their tight muscles.    
  •  How to instantly look 15 pounds thinner: A crazy thing happens when you improve your posture and ease the arch in the lower back: you look thinner!  Your belly won't pooch out as much and you'll look thinner without doing a single thing to your diet.  
  •  And much more for every kind of back pain: I've seen everything in my clinic over the years, I know your back is unique to you.  So I've compiled all my pain-relieving shortcuts into one place that you can refer to easily the next time your back pain flares up.
  •  I'll also share 7 true stories of people who suffered from pain just like yours, and how I transformed their lives with The Ultimate Back Pain Solution®.
FREE Gift! my complete video series to help you treat your exact problem
Some people learn better from watching than reading.  So I created a video series that walk you through each movement with real patients who have been transformed with the The Ultimate Back Pain Solution® 

This DVD sells for $59.97 elsewhere, it's FREE with your Ultimate Back Pain Solution®.
The Complete Video Guide To The Ultimate Back Pain Solution® program is included with your order!
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Compare This Program 
to The Alternatives
I bet you’ve spent at least $1000 at a chiropractor. I have patients that have spent probably closer to $20,000. 

How much have you spent on massage, acupuncture, or weird pain treatments? How much have you spent on dangerous and addictive painkillers? Did they fix your problem? I guess the answer is no or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. 

I bet if you added it all up it would be enough to make a down payment on a nice car, maybe more. That surgery your doctor is recommending will probably cost you thousands. Wouldn’t you rather spend that money on something like a vacation, a car, or even a new home?

I want this to be affordable for ANYONE. My passion is helping people become pain-free.  I want anyone who suffers from chronic back pain and other pain in their body to be able to live pain free. So I have set a goal to help 1 MILLION people solve their back pain.

And in order to reach that many people, it has to be affordable AND effective.

You’re Getting 1000's of dollars worth of back pain solutions with This package
Today It's just $29.97
Would you pay $500 to finally resolve that aching back? Would you pay double or triple that? That’s what it would cost to come see me in person.

Most of my patients pay at least $500 to see me for a 3 visits. And they’re glad to pay it to finally get some relief! But I won’t charge you $500, or even $75 which is what this system would cost if you bought everything separately.

I do need to charge something that is fair for both of us. Remember I have printing costs, shipping costs, and credit card fees to account for. Plus you’re paying for my 20 years of healing experience distilled all into one easy-to-use system.

But, to keep this affordable, I want to offer a special deal today. In order to help as many people as possible, I’m going to offer anyone who orders today 64% off the retail price for everything.

The book normally costs $49.97 and video is normally $59.97.

But for anyone who buys today it’s just $29.97 for the entire system.
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My forever money back guarantee 
I know you've probably tried other programs or treatments with plenty of big claims. And if you've made this far, I'm willing to bet those programs have let you down. Maybe they didn't live up to your expectations or just plain didn't work.

I truly believe The Ultimate Back Pain Solution® will work for you as it has for so many of my patients. 

But just in case it doesn't, you just don't like it, or for any reason whatsoever you want your money back, I'm going to offer my Ultimate Satisfaction Guarantee.
You don't have to decide today, tomorrow, or a month from now.  Take your time with the program, see if it works for you.

Think about it: does your chiropractor offer a money back guarantee?  Would a surgeon?  Can you imagine how much money they'd lose if they did that?  I offer a guarantee precisely because I am so confident it will work for you.
"ok, but does it really work?" 
Just ask my clients:
"I couldn't exercise because I was constantly injuring myself. It was the way I was moving my body.  I just feel like Rick has an incredible understanding of how the body should function.  Now I'm excited, I'm getting healthier and stronger."  - Holly
"I'm 55 and had a lifetime of back pain, including two surgeries. I've been working with Rick Olderman for two years now and I'm 99.9% pain free. I'm able to do everything I want to do, bike riding, golf, sports, playing with my kids. I don't even think about my back anymore." 
 - Bob, Denver
If you have sciatica, BUY THIS PROGRAM!
WOW! And I thought I was headed for a wheelchair! Being in pain for over a year, I've spent money on doctors, physical therapy, aquatics therapy, exercise videos, pain medication, etc. and was still thinking as the pains shot down the back of my legs, "What am I doing wrong?" 

Rick's inexpensive little program has the list of questions for self-diagnosis, the explanations of the anatomy of possible causes of pain, the clear instructions for easy stretches to alleviate the pain, free accompanying videos  that demonstrate proper self-diagnosis and treatment, and he even answers email questions promptly. 

PRICELESS! Don't go to a surgeon until you try the easy self-treatments in this book! Research shows that surgery may only create new pain. Rick will explain why. What a godsend!
Robert Castaneda, 9/6/18
Fast and simple solution that just works
I've read books by back surgeons and done all their exercises without effect because I was doing as many wrong things for my issue.

Two simple stretches done 2-3x a day and watching my posture caused 75% improvement in two days.  I still do them when I do something to tweak by back, but my life is so much better now.

One must make these moves a matter of simple daily maintenance like brushing your teeth, but the results are so helpful it's not really a choice.
Changed my life!
If you are suffering from back pain, then I highly recommend this program. 

In the past, I bought some other books (including "The 7 Minute Back Pain Solution") and I diligently tried to follow the exercises and stretches, but even after a few months of trying it, they did not do much for me. 

All the stretches and exercises are the same for all situations in that book. Rick's book was much better to help pinpoint specific causes of back pain. I was also encouraged to read in this book that even with structural damage to the spine, it is still possible to reduce or even eliminate back pain. 

I even e-mailed Rick to try to get some suggestions for my specific situation and he responded back promptly with more information to try to help me. I was really impressed! He seems to be a caring person who is sincerely trying to help others who are suffering. 
Jason Markel
*Results may vary, not all customers have these results
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Includes the back pain ebook and 
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You don't have to live like this
I know you've tried to keep a stiff upper lip while inside you're suffering.  You chalked it up to getting older, your work life, or the sports you used to play.  Maybe you secretly think it makes you tougher to just not complain and live with it.

You've tried everything and nothing has worked.  It's time to try something completely different.

I'm here to tell you it could lead to serious consequences like it did for Nancy.  One day you could be bending over to empty the dishwasher and BAM, things will never be the same. You too, could end up in a wheel chair like Nancy. I seen it dozens of times.  

Your body is telling you something is wrong.  It's time to fix it.  

It's time to get back to the good old days when you could walk, run, work, and play. You can finally pick up the kids off the floor, and knock out all those house projects you've been dying to do.  

It's time to feel that energy jolt and say 'YES' when your friends ask 'Do you want to come play golf Saturday?'

Imagine the freedom you'll have when you are no longer limited by your back pain, bulging discs, and sciatica.

It's time.  The first step is click on the orange button.

Thank you...

P.S.  Sorry I need a favor :)

When you're back to exercising, working around the house, playing with your family and enjoying life again, please send me a photo of you doing what you love.  This is the one thing that I will miss about not seeing you in my clinic - that smile on your face when you've gotten your life back.

Don't worry I won't publish it, it's just one of the things that make all this worth it.  I get dozens of photos a day, and I will cherish yours too.  
Frequently Asked Questions ABout 
The Ultimate Back Pain Solution® 
Does it really work? 
Yes, absolutely. If you follow the program, I truly believe it will work for you just like it has worked for thousands of my patients.  I have a 3 month wait list for my clinic and I do zero advertising.  All my clients are referrals from happy customers.

How can I get the same results from a book that you get in your clinic? 
This is a great question I get all the time. Oddly enough, I almost never place my hands on my clients.  I might correct a move here or there, but for the most part in my clinic I am only giving them verbal instructions.  There are no physical adjustments happening in my clinic like you might see with a chiropractor.  So, yes, you can achieve the same results clients get in my clinic if you follow the program and watch the videos.

If you don't need to come to the clinic and you can get results from the book and DVD, why are people still waiting to get into to see you?
Actually this is the exact reason I created this program.  I thought about opening new clinics, but I realized I don't need to see everyone personally.  With this program you can do everything from the comfort of your home.  And I do give this program who are suffering every day if I cannot get them into my clinic.  Of course there will always be people who want to come to the clinic for the live experience, but more and more we are recommending people simply purchase the book and video program.

So what exactly is the The Ultimate Back Pain Solution®  system?  
My book will start you off with my general philosophy on treating pain.  Then we'll dig into the various back problems I see over and over again in my clinic.  It could be movement patterns or specific alignment problems that many people have.  We'll identify those issues and then give you simple, pain-free exercises that will resolve those problems.  So first diagnosis, then treatment.  All from the comfort of your home.  That's what so many of those online video and books are lacking - diagnosis. They convince you ALL your pain will go away if you treat one muscle group.  I know there are many causes of back problems, and those causes require different techniques to fix them.  I'll show all my tricks in this program.

If the program is so good why are you discounting it?
My main goal with this is to help as many people as possible, not get rich.  Sure I would like some extra income (who wouldn't?), but I have priced this program so that anyone at any income level can afford it and relieve their pain.  I am sickened by so many hucksters and charlatans charging outrageous prices for programs that generally don't do anything.  I want to help people, if I make money it is a nice bonus.

Can I contact you if I have lingering issues?
Yes!  I love getting feedback and helping people with specific issues.  After your purchase I'll give you my personal email address and you can ask me about the program or problems you're having.  I am committed to making this work for you!

Will this program work for seniors?
Yep.  Most of the people who buy this program are over 55 and I get emails every day about the transformation they're experiencing with this program.  Anyone at any age can do this program and feel the life-changing benefits almost instantly.  I got an email just the other day from a patient who is 86 and was able to go skiing for the first time in a decade!

Are there any recurring charges? 
Nope, never.  I personally hate it when you look at your credit card statement and there's a mystery charge on there.  And then that sinking feeling when you realize they've been charging you for months. So I vowed to never do monthly charges, memberships or autoship with anything.  You pay once, that's it.  

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